High-End Monitoring

You can't change what you can't hear. That's why we put a lot of emphasis on very good monitoring monitors and functioning room acoustics.


Analog in mixing and mastering only where it still makes a difference: summing and a few but very good equalizers and compressors for analog sound with exact mix recall.


Very good microphones, preamps and converters - according to instrument, performance and room - are the key to a great recording. At tonart-studio you will find a large number of microphones of almost every rank and name.

Often underestimated, but crucial for a successful recording: A good and transparent sound in the headphones of the musicians, which enables a dynamically coherent interaction even when recording in separate rooms.
For this purpose, we have a digital Hearback headphone mix system that allows each musician to set their own individual headphone mix.

Location Recording

We have the equipment for mobile recording from small ensembles to big band or symphony orchestra.